IPC Media

IPC Media (UK)

Staff from Herring Ryan assisted in replacing IPC Media's entire Management Information system, which was responsible for budgeting and forecasting through to reporting and analysis.

The big win for this company was the easy ability to analyse all their costs, revenues and subscription figures for different magazines either at a detail level, a family level, a divisonal level, or at the entire company level.

The system took in general ledger data for over 30,000 cost centres and around 3,000 account lines. Users would then enter their figures and select whether the GL was to be overridden or not. All adjustments were recorded in the system, then posted back to the general ledger.

Every month a forecast was done, based on the previous month's actuals and a budget was done annually, then revised as required. All figures needed to be available for static and ad hoc reporting, including variance analysis. The system had a back end engine (TM1), and a front end built in Excel to simplify the process for users.